Why Choose a VPN for Warzone?

The Role of SBMM in Warzone 

Although neither Infinity Ward nor Activision have officially confirmed it, there is strong evidence to suggest that Warzone utilizes Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM). This is particularly noticeable among the top-tier players, who consistently encounter the same high-level opponents and successful hackers more often than would be expected in a random matchmaking scenario.

Matchmaking Factors Beyond Skill 

However, the process of matchmaking in Warzone is not solely determined by skill. Location and the time of day are also key factors. Leveraging these elements can be crucial in improving your gaming outcomes.

Advantages of Using a Warzone VPN 

To capitalize on this, a Warzone VPN allows you to virtually change your location. With careful research, you can significantly increase your chances of encountering less skilled opponents, making each gaming session more favorable.

Additional Benefits of VPNs 

Furthermore, the usefulness of a VPN goes beyond just changing your location. If you prefer not to alter your geographical setting, a VPN still offers significant benefits, particularly in evading network throttling.

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Introduction to Bot Lobbies and Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM)

Exploring Bot Lobbies and SBMM in Online Gaming 

In the dynamic realm of online gaming, especially in popular titles like Call of Duty’s Warzone and Warzone 3, players frequently come across concepts such as “bot lobbies” and “skill-based matchmaking” (SBMM). Gaining an understanding of these terms is essential for players aiming to enhance their gaming experience.

Understanding Bot Lobbies 

A “bot lobby” is characterized as a gaming session where the majority of players are of lower skill levels. These players are often new to the game and lack a deep understanding of its mechanics. Typically, they have low kill/death ratios, making them easier targets for more seasoned players. Such lobbies are highly coveted by experienced gamers who aim to climb the leaderboards with reduced difficulty.

The Role of Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM) 

Conversely, skill-based matchmaking, known as SBMM, is a system intended to match players against others of comparable skill levels. Although Activision, the developers behind Call of Duty, claim that Warzone and Warzone 3 do not implement SBMM, focusing instead on factors like ping, wait times, and geographic location, players often observe matchups with opponents having similar kill/death ratios. This observation hints at the existence of an SBMM-like mechanism. While SBMM offers the benefit of balanced competition, a significant number of players express a preference for a broader range of skill levels in their matches, often seeking less challenging encounters.

Strategies for Finding Easier Bot Lobbies in Warzone

Warzone players who prefer less competitive environments have developed various strategies to find easier bot lobbies. These methods enhance the chances of entering games with lower-skilled players, thus providing an opportunity for more relaxed gameplay or easier progression.

  1. Time of Play: Playing Warzone early in the day can be an effective strategy. During these hours, there are generally fewer players online, reducing the competition and increasing the likelihood of being matched with less skilled players.

  2. Location Research: Another tactic involves changing your in-game location to regions known for having a lower concentration of high-skilled players. By identifying and connecting to these areas, players can increase their chances of encountering easier lobbies.

  3. Disabling Crossplay: For console gamers, disabling crossplay can offer an advantage. This is because console players often face challenges like limited field of view (FOV) when matched against PC players, who typically have a technical edge. By playing only against other console players, the playing field becomes more level.

  4. Playing with a Mixed-Skill Squad: Forming a party with players who have varying kill/death ratios, especially including some with lower ratios, can also lead to easier lobbies. This method leverages the average skill level of the group to find a match, often resulting in a less competitive environment.

Using a VPN to Access Bot Lobbies in Warzone

For players seeking to further tailor their Warzone experience, utilizing a Virtual Private Network (VPN) can be a strategic move. A VPN enables players to alter their virtual location, which can significantly impact the skill level of the lobbies they enter. Here’s a step-by-step guide on using a VPN to find easier bot lobbies:

  1. Choosing a VPN Service: Select a reliable VPN provider.

  2. Account Setup and Login: Create an account with your chosen VPN service and log in.

  3. Research Optimal Locations: Investigate regions where Warzone is either less popular or where it’s currently off-peak hours (morning or daytime). Locations like Germany or Egypt have been noted as potentially ideal for this purpose.

  4. Connect to a Server: Based on your research, connect to a VPN server in an optimal location.

  5. Game Setup: Launch Warzone and ensure that your in-game location matches the one set on your VPN.

  6. Check Ping: Verify that your connection’s ping is suitable for gaming. A ping of up to 100 milliseconds is generally considered acceptable.

By following these steps, players can increase their chances of entering bot lobbies, making it easier to engage in less competitive matches in both Warzone and Warzone 3.

How to Use a Warzone VPN to get EASY LOBBIES

Understanding Game Mechanics for Easy Lobbies 

There are a couple of simple yet crucial considerations to keep in mind for obtaining an easy lobby in Warzone. Understanding exactly how the game functions is key to this strategy.

Matchmaking Influenced by Wait Time 

Matchmaking in Warzone is partly influenced by wait time. This means that when fewer players are available at any given moment, the game tends to group them all into the same match. This approach is taken instead of prolonging the wait for a more skill-balanced game.

Utilizing a Warzone VPN for Strategic Advantage 

By employing a Warzone VPN, you have the option to connect to a server in a country with fewer active players. This strategy often results in being placed into more diverse and potentially less challenging matches. This is opposed to ending up in a lobby filled with highly skilled, professional players.

Time of Day Considerations 

Additionally, it’s beneficial to consider the time of day you choose to play. Evenings are typically peak times with a higher number of players, leading to more effective Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM). Conversely, mornings are generally quieter and more likely to yield easier lobbies.

Optimal VPN Time Zone Settings 

A good strategy for setting your Warzone VPN is to choose a time zone that is about 8 hours ahead of your own. For instance, when it’s evening in the US, it’s early morning in most of Europe and Africa. While internet speeds can vary, it’s advisable to experiment with a few different servers to find the most optimal one before engaging in a match.

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Easy Lobbies in Warzone with EZ Lobby: The best VPN for Warzone

In the adrenaline-fueled world of Warzone, every player is on a quest for dominance. But what if there was a way to make your journey to victory a bit smoother? Enter EZ Lobby, the VPN that’s changing the game for Warzone enthusiasts.

Warzone’s matchmaking system can sometimes pit you against players well above your skill level, making it challenging to enjoy the game and improve. EZ Lobby offers a solution by connecting you to servers that match your skill and play style, leading to more balanced and enjoyable matches.

Benefits of Using the best VPN for Warzone:

  1. Balanced Matches: Say goodbye to being overpowered by high-skilled players. EZ Lobby ensures you play in lobbies that match your skill level.

  2. Improved Performance: With servers that complement your play style, you’ll find yourself performing better and enjoying the game more.

  3. Reduced Lag: EZ Lobby selects servers that offer the best connection, reducing lag and improving your overall gaming experience.

EZ Lobby: Your Gateway to Easy Lobbies

While many VPN services struggle with the new Warzone 2 and Modern warfare 3, EZ Lobby stands out with its specialized approach. 

Our service is tailored for Warzone and COD multiplayer, offering a straightforward and effective way to dive into easy lobbies. 

Just select from our curated list of server locations, known for their optimal performance in Warzone, and you’re set for an unparalleled gaming experience.

User feedback:

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Overall, users report a significant improvement in their gameplay experience after using EZ Lobby. They enjoy more kills and wins and have a more enjoyable time overall, with overwhelmingly positive feedback.

Identifying the Best VPN Locations for Warzone

Selecting the right VPN location is a critical aspect of finding easier bot lobbies in Warzone and Warzone 3. The best locations are typically those nearest to dedicated Call of Duty (COD) servers, which are strategically distributed globally. Europe is particularly noted for being an excellent region for easy bot lobbies, mainly due to the game’s lower popularity there.

Key Strategies for Choosing VPN Locations:

  1. Time-Zone Targeting: Choose locations where it’s an off-peak time, like early morning. Fewer active players during these hours often mean easier lobbies. However, it’s important to note that this doesn’t guarantee easy matches every time.

  2. Balancing Distance and Ping: Look for a server that is neither too far nor too close. While distant servers might offer easier lobbies, they could also result in higher ping, which can negatively affect gameplay. Conversely, nearby servers might offer low ping but not necessarily easier lobbies. Finding a middle ground is crucial.

  3. Exploring Alternative Regions: Regions like Egypt and Singapore are reported to be favorable for Warzone players. For American players, European and Middle Eastern servers can be ideal, whereas European players might find better luck with servers in locations like Singapore.

By carefully selecting their VPN location, players can significantly improve their chances of finding bot lobbies, thereby enhancing their overall gaming experience in Warzone.

Best VPN Locations for Easy Lobbies in Warzone

Mastering the art of finding the perfect lobby in Warzone is crucial for an enhanced gaming experience. This is where EZ Lobby, the best VPN for Warzone, becomes a game-changer. It’s not just about connecting to any server; it’s about choosing the right one. The secret lies in selecting server locations that are strategically optimal for Warzone players seeking easier lobbies.

One of the primary reasons for this strategic server selection is the varying levels of internet connectivity across different regions. Locations with lower overall internet connectivity tend to have Warzone lobbies that are less competitive and more manageable for players of all skill levels. This approach is particularly beneficial for those looking to improve their skills gradually, without the constant pressure of competing against top-tier players.

Any example ?

A prime example of such a location is Kazakhstan. Servers in this region typically host lobbies that are less saturated with highly skilled players. Selecting this server is making an ideal choice for those looking to enjoy a more balanced gameplay experience.

When you use EZ Lobby, you get access to these carefully selected server locations. The service meticulously analyzes various factors such as server ping, the concentration of high-skilled players, and overall lobby competitiveness to connect you to the most suitable server. This thoughtful approach ensures that you’re not just randomly placed in any game lobby, but one that enhances your chance of success and enjoyment.

Moreover, the benefits of choosing the right server location extend beyond just finding easier lobbies. They also contribute to a more stable connection, reducing lag and other connectivity issues that can hinder your gameplay. This aspect is crucial because even the slightest delay or interruption can be the difference between victory and defeat in a game as fast-paced as Warzone.

In summary

The key to unlocking easier and more enjoyable Warzone lobbies lies in utilizing EZ Lobby to connect to the right server locations. Whether it’s the less crowded servers in Kazakhstan or other similar regions, the strategic choice of server can dramatically improve your Warzone experience. So, if you’re looking to get an edge in your next Warzone session, consider where you’re connecting from – it might just be the secret weapon you need.

The key to accessing easy lobbies lies in choosing the right server location. With EZ Lobby, you have access to a range of locations specifically chosen for their lower overall internet connectivity, such as servers in regions like Kazakhstan, known for facilitating easier Warzone lobbies.


EZ Lobby isn’t just another VPN; it’s a gaming-optimized solution. Unlike standard VPN providers, we focus on what matters to gamers: no lag, no packet loss, and a seamless connection optimized server locations for Warzone. Our service is designed to enhance your gaming, not hinder it, for a fair price.

EZ Lobby offers a unique and effective solution for Warzone players seeking easier lobbies. With our optimized servers and strategic server locations, you’re just a few clicks away from an enhanced gaming experience. Embrace the advantage of EZ Lobby and step into the world of easy lobbies in Warzone 3 with confidence.