Check out this article, a customer has tested and approved the Warzone EZ Lobby VPN:

Warzone VPN: Tested and Approved

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  • By enabling EZ Lobby, you modify your in-game location (for instance, to Singapor).
    During your quest for a game, Warzone establishes a connection to Activision’s matchmaking server via the VPN.
  • This matchmaking server has the task of finding a game that matches your skill level (referred to as SBMM) and ensures a low ping.
  • From the perspective of the matchmaking server, you appear to be quite distant from Activision’s matchmaking servers (which are distinct from the matchmaking server itself).
  • Consequently, it prioritizes your ping and lowers the emphasis on SBMM; otherwise, you might struggle to find a game.
  • The matchmaking process then seeks a game server with both a low SBMM and a low ping, but this time, it does so through your regular connection.
  • This results in you being placed into an easier lobby on game servers nearby, with data transmission occurring seamlessly over your high-speed connection, bypassing the VPN.


A typical VPN reroutes all your connections through servers located abroad, resulting in a change of your IP address across the entire internet. However, EZ Lobby stands apart from regular VPNs in that it selectively reroutes only a portion of your connection, ensuring an exceptionally fast and responsive connection.

Your location and IP address will undergo alterations exclusively when interacting with websites and applications that channel their data through our servers. This specifically applies to your gaming experience in Warzone.

To put it differently, for certain websites like myip.com or whatismyipaddress.com, your location and IP address remain unaffected, and this is entirely expected.

In any case, what matters most is the accuracy of your location within the Warzone environment. You can verify this by navigating to the in-game Warzone options: Options > Account > Geographical location.

Not necessarily, as doing so could negatively impact your gaming experience by introducing significant ping and latency issues.

EZ Lobby offers you a smoother gaming experience without compromising your connection speed.

Some of your data traffic will pass through the VPN (to mimic the location change and trick the SBMM algorithm), while some will utilize your high-speed connection (to maintain a low ping).


While gaming with a VPN, you can generally expect to encounter easier lobbies on average. However, it’s important to note that consistently having an easy time in lobbies is not guaranteed.

With EZ Lobby in action, you have the ability to reduce the impact of Skill-Based Matchmaking (SBMM), but complete deactivation is not possible. This means that there will still be instances where you’ll face challenging lobbies.

Nevertheless, the occurrence and intensity of these challenging lobbies will be significantly diminished, leading to a more consistent gaming experience in easier lobbies, on average.


Employing a VPN, whether it’s our VPN or any other VPN service, should not result in a ban or “shadow” ban. This practice is entirely unrelated to cheating or hacking and does not violate Activision’s terms of use in any manner.


If you connect it to another computer, the previously connected computer will be disconnected.


We have developed an innovative system that allows console players to enjoy the benefits of VPN, just like PC players. The installation process is as simple as it is on PC and offers the same advantages.